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Demybor Stones is born of the encounter between Franck Demaria and

Gabriela Borsi, well known in the stone industry over several generations.

The company has been continuously growing since it launched, but especially in the last few years with the acquisition of new sites to operate and new strategic locations.


At Demybor, we are specialists in the supply and implementation of materials in luxury projects. We help our clients form the audit to our works reception, our expertise, and knowledge of materials enabling us to provide the best possible output. 

Most importantly, by offering raw materials straight from the quarry we are able to offer the most competent prices in the market.



Demybor, through a course of integrated production with privately-owned quarries both in North Africa and Europe, plays a leading role in the marble industry. Through continuous research in order to find new and unexploited marble deposits in conjunction with the development of existing and new collaborations. Demybor strengthened its position in the world market, acquiring quarries where well-known marbles are extracted.

The company quarries in total, over 10,000m3 of natural decorative stones annually and offers its customers high-quality products and standards, always with the support of highly trained manpower, composed of engineers, geologists, and skilled craftsmen.


Demybor Stones has a global presence with its own quarries as well as strong partners and distributors within Europe, north and south America, China, and India, thus exporting materials to more than 20 different countries. Demybor is a leading international player in the trading activity of stones and marbles, including finished and semi-finished products. Our objectives are based on rigor and quality, being recognized by our customers worldwide for the quality of our services.

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